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Ask the Ninja Turtles!

The Heroes in a Half Shell have surfaced to hear your questions--bribe them with a few slices of pizza and you might get an answer!

Feel free to direct your thoughts and inquiries towards any of their friends or foes as well, you never know who you'll run into in this city!

I just had to stop by and say that I love you so much it's not even funny. You make stuff that brightens my day, for real. Thanks for being you

I gotta reply to this, cuz asdfa;sdf!! QuQ  I love you, too! xD  I’m so glad that I can make a difference in your day with what I do, it’s my number one motivator while I work!  Whoever ye may be, Sweet Anon, I hope ya see this! >u< <3  Thank ya!


I have the most wonderful supporters here, ya’ll don’t know how much you brighten my days as well!  Peace out Turtle Scouts! <3

There’s a reason we keep ‘em tucked away in our shells… ~Raph

With all the love confessions, boyfriend requests, and compliments on particular posterior regions that come in every day for Leo ‘n Raph via fanmail, it feels like we should start keeping a tally!  ’Wonder who gets the most love?

If Master Splinter catches you goofin’ off when you’re supposed to be training, then I bet he’ll drop some real moves on ya, Mike… ~Raph

Back from the Sewers!

Hey everyone!  So sorry I’ve not been posting over the past few months, school and life had the nerve to get between me ‘n the Turtles, but Summer has cometh!  Thank you so much for all your support, it’s been a great ride so far with a ways to still go. X)  Haha I’m having fun reading through the asks ya’ll have sent, and to those of you who’ve left me ‘n the Turtles lil love letters, thank you for being so kind and keeping me motivated!  You guys are the best! <3

Since ya’ll have been so patient with me, I thought I’d give ya a lil sneak peek at the current answer I’m working on—

…. Well, really only the Mikey is from the actual animation, but I wanted to make sure I remembered how to draw the other boys xD  

Mikey, stop breathing in my ear, it’s annoying. 

…Mikey?  ~Donatello

Maybe it’s not so much ‘bout the strawberries, but who gives ‘em to ya…  ~Raph




Oh, what fun it is…

raphie the red-nosed reindeer

had some very shiny sais

and if he ever stabbed you

he would laugh until you died (like a maniac!)

all of the other turtles

used to laugh and call him names

they never let poor raphie

go on any killing sprees

then one foggy christmas eve

splinter came to say

raphie with your anger issue

i will teach you jujitsu

then how the turtles feared him

as they shouted out in dread

raphie the red-nosed rendeer

please don’t hit us on our heads!

((I had to reblog this, it’s too perfect!  You rock, dude! xD))

Oh, what fun it is…

During class…