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Ask the Ninja Turtles!

The Heroes in a Half Shell have surfaced to hear your questions--bribe them with a few slices of pizza and you might get an answer!

Feel free to direct your thoughts and inquiries towards any of their friends or foes as well, you never know who you'll run into in this city!

Anonymous asked:  “Dear Leo and Raph, Please know I mean no disrespect or insensitivity, but I always wondered how the twin notches in Raph’s plastron and carapace came to be. I have heard from a close friend that the two of you had a serious fight when you were younger and just learning how to wield your weapons and that during that fight one of Leo’s katana blades struck Raph’ shell near his neck. The way the notches seem to line up supports this, but I’m not sure and just wanted to hear from you. -Your friend”

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